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Video FAQs

You've got questions.

We've got answers.

We get asked a lot of questions when we're out doing our shopping,
talking with clients, going to church, whatever.
We understand. These are confusing times.
So we made some videos to answer the ones we hear the most.
Covering credit issues, home buying, and how-to's; we hope you'll find
these brief videos helpful! They're anywhere from 30 seconds to
two minutes long.


How long do I have to be at my job to qualify for a mortgage?
Do all loans have a closing cost?
How do I find a real estate agent?
When it comes to mortgages, why Countybank?
Is Countybank a one-stop shop?
How good does my credit have to be to purchase a home?
Can you still get 100% financing?
How do I know I'm getting the best rate?
Do I have to sell my current home before I purchase a new home?
How do I research housing prices? 
Is it true that you need to lower your rate by 1% to refinance?
What's your number one money saving tip when getting a mortgage?
What's the first step in buying my first home?
What are the keys to a smooth home purchase?
What is a USDA loan, and why would a person choose it?
How do I figure out how much house I can afford?
What are the top 3 credit "don'ts" when a loan is in process?

Do I really need 20% down to buy a house?

I hear that only people with perfect credit scores qualify for a mortgage. Is that right?
How come I never see ARM advertised anymore?  Are they still available?
What are the keys to a smooth refinance?
When does it make sense to pick a ARM vs. a fixed rate mortgage?
Can the seller help with my closing costs?
What's the best way to shop for a mortgage rate?
What are the top three things I can do to improve my credit?
What items make up my credit score?
Who will I work with during the loan process?
How do I know how much money will be needed at closing?
Who will close my loan?
Are mortgages as hard to get as I hear on TV?
What is a customized mortgage solution?
Does it even make sense to buy a home right now rather than rent?
How do I get my credit score or credit file?
I had a Chapter 7, Chapter 13, foreclosure, or short sale.  How long before I can apply for a mortgage?
What is the path 2 buy?
What do you mean when you say I need a team of professional when purchasing a home?
How do I stop getting all these unwanted phone calls about mortgage offers?
Why do I need an annual mortgage check up?
What is the Countybank second opinion?


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